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1840s City Lites

The second floor of the Fava Building, 1840s City Lites, is an exciting venue for meetings and parties. City Lites boasts a fun lounge-like atmosphere complete with the historic White Tower Diner, a centerpiece attraction when the building housed the Baltimore City Life Museums. This unique setting is ideal for cocktail parties, networking events, fundraisers, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other corporate and private events.

The City Lites conference room may also be reserved for meetings, seminars and conferences. For mid-week conference room rental rates, click here.

2017 Wedding and Party Venue Rental Rates for 1840s City Lites*

Basic 4-hour Rental Current Rates
Fridays/Sundays** $4,000.00
Saturdays and Holidays**** $5,000.00
Midweek/Winter Rates*** $3,000.00
Courtyard (Add $200 for valet extension) $900.00
Additional Hour (Add $200 for valet extension)  $600.00
Additional 1/2 Hour (Add $100 for valet extension) $300.00
Additional Set-Up/Break-Down Time (Per Hour) $150.00

*Rates subject to change.
**Valet is included only on Friday and Saturday nights and is excluded on Holidays and Holiday weekends and during discounted Winter Rate months
***Winter Rates are valid from January 2 – March 31
****Additional fees apply for New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day


Days Hours
Monday-Sunday 8 a.m.-1 a.m.


A caterer may be chosen from our approved list.
Click here for List of Caterers.

Note: When two weddings are held on the same floor on Saturdays, the same caterer must be used by both parties. Choice of caterer goes to the first scheduled lessee. Choice of caterer must be made within 8 weeks or within one month of notification of second event; whichever comes first. If not, caterer of choice goes to the first person notifying decision of caterer.


150 seated banquet-style, 250 standing or seated theater-style


Premium Event Rental dates will only be held by a $1,000.00 (non-transferrable) deposit in cash, check, or by credit card (processing fee applies). Exclusive Event Rental dates will only be held by a $2,000.00 (non-transferrable) deposit in cash, check, or by credit card (processing fee applies). All Inclusive Event Rental dates will only be held by a $13,000.00 (non-transferrable) deposit in cash, check, or by credit card (processing fee applies).  Balance due three months prior to the event.  If canceled more than six months in advance, there will be a $500 refund.  If canceled six months or less in advance, no refund will be issued. All cancellation must be submitted in writing.


Rental includes 150 Chivari chairs, 15-60″ round tables

Additional Rentals:

Equipment Cost
Chivari Chairs $7.00 each
60″ Round Tables $10.00 each
6 ft. Tables $10.00 each
8 ft. Tables $10.00 each

Please note: Based on the type of event, additional security may be required through 1840s Corporation. The Lessee is responsible for the payment of added security. If your event requires security, two stationary guards are required, as well as one guard per every 50 guests. To find out if your event requires security, inquire within.